Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Milestone for the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation

Today Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog and I are very excited! We found out that two people have been the first to support the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation. Thanks so much to Dawn Jaworski and Johanna Stadler for helping the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation and helping keep children fire safe. We have a surprise for Dawn and Johanna. They will each receive a book actually "pawed" by Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog! The real deal! We also decided that Sparkles' very first pawed book will go toward an auction to support the foundation and these two gals will get the next ones! If you would like your own "pawed" copy, visit the foundation's webpage at www.keepkidsfiresafe.org to order and learn more (please be sure to order on Paypal as opposed to Amazon.com so that the profits will go to the foundation and so that they can be signed and pawed). We will be doing a limited number of these!

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